Benefits of Body Vibration Therapy

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Benefits of Body Vibration Therapy

Every individual desires to stay fit, healthy and look smart. Towards this end one resorts to many activities such as workout, yoga, and takes help of cosmetics, etc. But for permanent results workout and physical exercise proves efficient, as it burns calories and helps shed off weight.  Injuries and mental illness make you physically weak; Body vibration therapy is a great way to get into perfect shape.

What is Body Vibration Technique?

The whole body vibration is a forced oscillation which helps relocate energy from a vibration platform by a body vibration machine directly to the human body. These vibration exercise platforms cause sinusoidal shaped oscillation measured in terms of frequency, amplitude and phase angle. The mechanical, repetitive movement or oscillatory motion around an equilibrium point is body vibration. The vibrating platform is responsible for delivering the vibration.

Benefits of Body Vibration Therapy

There are numerous health benefits of body vibration therapy:

Weight loss: when there is a lean muscle mass, more of calories are burnt. The metabolism rate decides the burning of calories even when the muscles are at rest. With body vibration therapy, necessary metabolism for the body is boosted. The body vibration equipment can be used three times a week.

Muscles gain strength: Body vibration therapy helps gain strength. Research has revealed that you can gain strength quickly with this technique. A ten minute vibration is ample and can provide benefits similar to one hour session of gym.

Relax your mind and body:  The whole body vibration technique offers you a comforting and soothing feeling, to help your body and mind relax. These workouts bring about a chemical reaction and make you feel young and energized after the session.  Also, such sessions help improve concentration and mental stimulation.

For rehabilitation: The advantage of body vibration equipment is that they help heal injuries and assist in rehabilitation. Physiotherapists and chiropractors realize how useful the whole body vibration is for sportsmen, as it strengthens the muscles without the usual strain in joints and ligaments.

Best for athletes: Flexibility and strength are the focus points of athletes to achieve their goals. Whole body vibration helps them to achieve what they desire. With the help of this technique muscles are enthused which in turn boosts strength, muscular endurance, motor learning and overall agility.

Good for People with Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism

Body vibration therapy enhances blood circulation, range of motion and flexibility without strain on the joints. It is a non exhausting form of exercise which has proved to comfort pain, and release soreness from arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

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