Homeopathy Plus Whole Body Vibration: Combining Two Energy Medicines Ignites Healing



Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha.

In her first book, Whole Body Vibration, Becky Chambers introduced the life-changing benefits of this booming body, mind, and spirit therapy. Now she explores the exciting possibilities for health and well-being by combining whole body vibration with homeopathy.

Homeopathy, based on the principle of like cures like, is an energy medicine that treats each person individually by stimulating his or her own natural healing ability. And as Chambers has discovered, homeopathy plus whole body vibration creates a healing fire of epic proportions.

Chambers presents this latest concept in healing with research from expert resources, including publications such as Lancet, the British Medical Journal, and the New England Journal of Medicine, along with inspiring stories from her own clients. Homeopathy Plus Whole Body Vibration offers exciting possibilities in the treatment of illness and the quest to reach our highest potential.

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