Rock Solid Whole Body Vibration Fitness Machine



Whole body vibration (WBV) exercise works the body from the inside out. The gentle vibrations reshape the body in the hip, waist and abdomen, moving throughout the entire body improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and metabolism: during training, the muscles pump blood into the smallest capillaries up to 50 times per second. This allows the cells to receive fuel more rapidly and causes waste products to be disposed of much faster. Also by enhancing your local circulation it builds a stronger immunity system. Builds bone density and fights osteoporosis and reduces your back and joint pains. Decreases blood pressure, decreases your recovery time after workouts. The rs3000 has 3 different program levels, 30 different speed settings, plus a 1 year warranty.

  • Ultra streamline design, variable speed options
  • It is highly effective for promoting blood circulation, weight loss, and bone density
  • Convenient to use at home and office

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