Whole Body Vibration Machine - 3D-MAX by NCI : Commercial (2HP, 440 lbs), Dual Motor, MAX Power, MAX Durability, MAX Customizations



The 3D-MAX combines the best qualities of an excellent whole body vibration machine: reinforced steel construction, large vibration platform, 3 vibration motions, 3.0 HP 1100 watt + 500 watt motors. The brand new 3D-MAX utilizes the all new, rotary speed dials to allow for rapid speed adjustments at the turn of your fingers. The 3D-MAX‘s integrated whole body vibration technology soothes the body with vibrations.Muscles involuntary contract in rapid flexes, delivering stretch-reflex stimulation not possible with conventional exercise – automatically warming muscles, joints, and increasing circulation. A world’s first, the 3D-MAX is loaded with features: full 27″ edge-to-edge platform gives 58% more space, advanced microcomputer control panel with rotary speed dials, exclusive ergonomic handlebar system, and reinforced all steel construction all put together in one smart, freestanding unit that coordinates three premium automated motions in one. Triangular Oscillation delivers regularly alternating up and down oscillation motion automatically engaging all major muscle groups. Regular routines speed fat burning, slimming, improve circulation and recovery. Spiral Mode creates a horizontal, smooth, elliptical motion for muscle strengthening , toning, rehabilitation, and light workouts. Dual Mode combines both the oscillation and spiral modes. Most effective for cellulite targeting and optimal human fitness. The ultimate in vibration training.

  • Fitness and health, cellulite removal, reduce pain, increase muscle strength, weight loss, lymphatic drainage, and injury rehabilitation are just some of the health benefits!
  • Deluxe premium home model. newest most advanced 3-in-1 vibration motions, premium dual vibration – dual motor system
  • Reinforced metal base platform, rotary speed dials, super wide 27″ edge to edge platform, 3700+ speed combinations, 440 lb limit, rear wheels for easy relocation
  • 1600 watt total power (1100 watt oscillation, 500 watt spiral), 2.2 HP dual brushless high efficiency dual drive DC motors
  • G-force: 13.5Gs, Frequency: 5-22 Hz Oscillation. 20-50 Hz Spiral, 5-60 Hz Dual, Amplitude: 11 mm Oscillation, 2.5mm Spiral, 11 mm Dual

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